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Navigate the COLLECTION by moving from THEME to SECTION to RESOURCES.

The COLLECTION is divided into five THEMES.

The five themes used in the Becoming Modern: America in the 1920s.

Each THEME contains six to eight numbered SECTIONS, structured around a set of Framing Questions.

Shown, SECTIONS from the Machine THEME.

Each SECTION presents a group of primary RESOURCES, as well as:
  • introductory notes,
  • classroom discussion questions, and
  • supplemental links.

RESOURCES presented in this SECTION (two PDF documents) are shown at right.

Hundreds of PRIMARY RESOURCES are available in this COLLECTION, all with introductory notes and discussion questions.
  • periodical articles
  • newspaper editorials
  • syndicated columns
  • political cartoons
  • comic strips & cartoons
  • book selections
  • autobiography excerpts
  • novel excerpts
  • short stories
  • poetry
  • drama excerpts
  • visual art
  • posters & illustrations
  • films
  • newsreels
  • animated cartoons
  • sound recordings
  • radio broadcasts
  • theater commercials
  • print advertisements

  • are thoroughly annotated in sidebars and footnotes
  • include illustrative images
  • are presented in PDF format for easy photocopying and classroom projection
  • include twenty collections of CONTEMPORARY COMMENTARY and nine collections of POLITICAL CARTOONS

  • A Guide for Classroom Use
  • Collection Developers
  • A Guide to Discussing Art
  • All-Texts Lists by Theme and Genre