Teacher Advisory Council

Lisa Dudgeon

Years teaching: 4
Subjects: English and social studies
Education: B.A., University of New Hampshire (History)
M.A.T., University of New Hampshire

Lisa Dudgeon is a Highly Qualified Teacher in social studies and English, and has passed the Praxis exams for both subjects. She is also certified to teach social studies in grades 5–12. Since 2012, Lisa has been teaching social studies in the Bedford School District. Her courses include a humanities class, which she co-teaches with an English department colleague; Roots of Thought Honors (Ancient Greece to U.S. 1848); and American Dream PSP (Civil War to present). Lisa was awarded a grant (from the Bedford Education Foundation and the Bedford Rotary Club) to attend the summer 2015 AP Institute in St. Johnsbury, VT. Currently, Lisa is developing an AP Comparative Government class, which she hopes to begin teaching in 2017.

“I am interested in working on the Council for several reasons, but one of the main ones is because all of my (short) teaching career I have participated in a humanities classroom (including during my student teaching). I am constantly looking for ways that my teaching partner and I can incorporate both English and social studies to give students the best experience possible and to help them connect to those big ideas teachers so love to focus upon. There’s just never enough time to do all of the fully-integrated, team-taught humanities lessons we would like, but I am hoping to share the ones we have developed and to learn from others in the process. Team-taught humanities courses are incredible opportunities for students to learn in what is a natural pairing of English and history, and I constantly strive to improve my skills in leading such classes. I also believe I have a unique perspective, coming into teaching later in life with a good set of ‘life knowledge’ skills, and consider myself an asset not only to the other teachers in my PLC at school and my teacher community at large, but hope to become an asset to the Council.”