Teacher Advisory Council

Alex Russo

Years teaching: 15
Subjects: History
Education: B.A., Rhode Island College (Communications)
M.A.T., Rhode Island College (History)

Alex Russo has been a US History Teacher at North Attleborough High School in North Attleborough, MA since 2001. He is also an Adjunct History Professor at the Community College of Rhode Island (since 1995) and Johnson & Wales University (since 1996). Prior to teaching he was a Staff Writer/Assistant Editor for the Creative Services Department at Hasbro, Inc. Alex enjoys and is very passionate about teaching history, particularly US history, because he finds it fascinating to share our nation’s past with young people. He also believes that it is imperative for children to know the who, what, when, where, why, and how of what made us the people we are today and where that can knowledge can take us in the future. Alex lives in Rhode Island with his wife and two sons.

“I am interested in being on the Council because I believe the National Humanities Center is an excellent educational source for educators and as a member of the Council, I can contribute in helping the Center further its offerings and programs to get more educators on board with its great webinars and workshops. I hope to develop a greater connection and positive rapport with the Center and with my fellow Council members. I hope to expand my own knowledge base and help to develop new offerings through my input and interaction on the Council. In essence, to help promote the National Humanities Center more and expand what it can do for educators nationwide. I hope to impart my experience in teaching History to help formulate examinations into various webinar and workshop offerings that can be readily applied to classroom discussions, and to encourage students to further investigate historical topics, issues and people.”