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The National Humanities Center’s Education Programs provide teaching materials and instructional resources specifically designed for American history and literature teachers. Since 1984, it has been offering rigorous, content-based professional development programs for high school teachers.

Twentieth-Century America

  1. The 1950s and the Cold War
  2. The 1970s: The Lost Decade
  3. Art and the New Negro
  4. The Causes of the Great Depression
  5. Civil Rights Rhythm and Blues
  6. Community in African American Culture: 1917–1968
  7. The Crash of 1929
  8. Cuba and the Cold War: Beyond the Missile Crisis
  9. Do Dates Matter? Chronological Reasoning and Critical Thinking in World History
  10. FSA Photography and the 1930’s
  11. Gandhi and King on the March: The Power of Nonviolence
  12. The Great Migration
  13. The Great Migration, or Leaving My Troubles in Dixie
  14. Images of Asians in American Culture
  15. Imaging Civil Rights: Photography and the Movement
  16. The Impact of the Cold War on American Society
  17. In Search of the Civil Rights Movement
  18. Key Allied Decisions in WWII
  19. Literature and Essential Philosophical Questions
  20. Manifest Destiny and the Monroe Doctrine
  21. Moving America Left and Right: 1945–1990
  22. Nation, Race, and Genocide: Terror in the 20th Century
  23. New Lessons from the Cuban Missile Crisis
  24. The New Negro Movement in a Global Perspective
  25. Partisan Pictures: Art and Images in the Cold War
  26. Popular Perceptions of WWII
  27. The Power of Public Speaking
  28. Restoring Faith in Capitalism and Democracy after WWII: Up from the Rubble
  29. The Roots of the Counterculture
  30. The Scopes Trial and America’s Multiple Modernities
  31. Teaching William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying
  32. Teaching Flannery O’Connor
  33. Teaching In Our Time in Our Time
  34. Teaching Prohibition
  35. Teaching The Book Thief
  36. Teaching Richard Wright’s Black Boy
  37. Teaching Robert Frost: A Close Reading Seminar
  38. Teaching The Catcher in the Rye
  39. Teaching The Great Gatsby: A Close Reading Seminar
  40. Teaching Through Close Reading: Historical and Informational Texts
  41. Teaching Through Close Reading: Poetry & Fiction
  42. Teaching To Kill a Mockingbird
  43. Teaching Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God
  44. The Woman Suffrage Movement
  45. The Vietnam War in Vietnamese History
  46. Witches and Communists: The Crucible and the Cold War
  47. World War I