Online Professional Development Webinars

Thank you for your interest in our online professional development webinars.

We have concluded our Spring 2014 program. Our Fall 2014 webinars will be listed very soon. Join our contact list and we will send you upcoming webinar news monthly.

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Online Seminars

These seminars focus on teaching with primary sources — historical documents, literary texts, visual images, and audio material. Emphasizing critical analysis and close reading, they address the skills of the Common Core State Standards while giving teachers the opportunity to deepen their content knowledge.

Seminar texts are provided free online. The Center draws texts from a variety of sources, including America in Class® primary sources and lessons, and attempts to select fresh material that will invigorate classroom instruction.

View a brief presentation about America in Class® online seminars, forums, classrooms, and resource webpages.

Visit our seminar help page for technical specifications and details about the online classroom.

Cost: $35.00 per seminar. Email Caryn Koplik, Assistant Director of Education Programs, for special pricing.

Recertification Credit: The National Humanities Center programs are eligible for recertification credit. Each seminar includes ninety minutes of instruction plus approximately three and one half hours of preparation. The preparation and seminar total at least five hours of professional development per event. Because the seminars are conducted online, they may qualify for technology credit in districts that award it. The Center will supply documentation of participation.

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